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Community Health Education Highlights June 2019

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Joseph Syrette

Year started with Tribe: 2019

Language and Cultural teacher

Joseph Syrette is Anishinaabe Ojibwe from Batchewana First Nation located in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Canada. He currently lives in Mt Pleasant Michigan and has had the privilege of working 7 years as a Language and Cultural teacher at the Saginaw Chippewa Academy School.

Joseph is the husband to, Heather Syrette and father to two daughters, Maya and Selese. He illustrates traditional values, morals and teachings by living a clean and healthy lifestyle for his daughters to follow.

Growing up as a traditional shkaabewis helper Joe has learned to balance his spiritual and personal life while continuing to always remain humble with the knowledge he carries. He has spent his young and adolescent years in Ontario learning how to live in duality between the modern world and traditional Anishinaabe world through fasting and attending ceremonies. He currently helps communities and other traditional people and healers when needed allowing his knowledge and traditional teachings to grow. He has also gained knowledge and language from his traditional Ojibwe family, as well as the many elders and spiritual people from Batchewana, Garden River and other First Nations across North America and the United States. 

Spending a life time of listening and learning about himself as an Anishinaabe person, this has allowed him to value and respect all physical and spiritual beings and their protocols. He has had the opportunity of working alongside many different elders and healers to which he has been given teachings and rights to helping his Anishnaabeg relatives with spiritual healing.

Today, Joseph has dedicated his time and knowledge to teach and share with others about his cultural experiences and how he has utilized his culture and language to heal himself within his own walk and journey through life. Joseph acknowledges that lifelong learning is every day for him and that there is always something new to learn. He promotes cultural sharing and healing to community members so we can all learn to build encouragement on our cultural knowledge and sacred walk through life.

Services provided by Joseph Syrette:

Traditional Medicine
The Traditional Medicine Program, established in 1995, was the first tribal traditional medicine program in the United States integrated into a tribal health delivery system. It has become recognized and accepted within the tribal community and has served as a model for traditional medicine programs offered by other tribes.

Prevention Through Health Care
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