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Sault Tribal Health Center Hours of Operation during COVID-19 Pandemic

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04.30.2020 - 05.04.2020


05.01.2020 - 05.04.2020

Sault Ste. Marie Tribal Health Center
David A. Drockton DDS, Dental Director 2864 Ashmun Street
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Sault Tribal Dental Program Operations Plan during COVID-19 Pandemic

⦁ All elective dental care will stop until normal operations resume. Scheduled patients will be contacted and appointments cancelled. Rescheduling of these appointments will occur when it is deemed safe.
⦁ Patients with a true dental emergency can present to the dental clinics between the hours of 08:00 AM - 11:00 AM for care. All patients need to call the Dental department’s phone numbers listed below to determine if care in the Dental department is needed. Patients arriving at the building entrance will be asked to call Dental department before entering the building.
⦁ Dental emergency care will be managed is a way to minimize the use of the “dental drill.”
⦁ The only people allowed in the waiting room or with the patient in the dental operatory are the patient, parent or guardian of a minor, or law enforcement officer if required.
⦁ Elective dental care: all routine and preventative care like cleanings, exams, fillings, crowns, dentures etc.
⦁ True dental emergency: Pain, swelling, abscess, dental trauma and broken bridges.
Contact information: 
Sault Tribal Health Center Dental: (906) 632-5260
St. Ignace Dental: (906) 643-7202
Manistique Dental: (906) 341-9547

Leo A. Chugunov, MD, MT (AMT) Health Division's Governing Director


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