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06.05.2024 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Coronavirus Disease Information

Attention Patients:  

Effective immediately, Sault Tribe Health Division’s Purchased and Referred Care (PRC) will begin covering expenses for COVID-19 testing at sites other than Sault Tribe Health Centers for patients who are signed up for PRC and meet all eligibility requirements. To qualify, please follow the process below: 

1.  Please, call the Sault Tribe Health Center at 877-256-0009 and request a COVID-19 test. A provider or nurse will provide a recommendation for testing based on current testing guidelines and enter a note in the Patient’s Electronic Health Record. 

2.  If offsite testing will be recommended to you, please, call Purchased and Referred Care and notify them of the referral for testing. 

Click here to view testing area in the Upper Peninsula.

Sault Tribe Covid-19 RNA Testing

Please, call Sault Tribe Health Center Triage Line to talk to a Nurse about any Covid-19 symptoms and testing questions.

Dial (906) 632-5200 and press 1. - Ask for the Covid-19 Triage Line. 

Criteria for Testing: Patients are evaluated by Triage Nurse to determine if testing is necessary. 

1) Moderate to severe symptoms are scheduled for an appointment. 
2) It is recommended that Covid-19 RNA tests are administered 5 days or longer after a potential exposure. 
3) If the symptoms are determined to be mild, patients will be asked to self-quarantine and monitor symptoms. - A nurse will follow up with the patient the next day via telephone. 

** If a Nurse has any uncertainties about patient care they consult a physician supervisor. ** 

Asymptomatic Patients: 

Sault Tribe Health Center only tests asymptomatic patients if they are undergoing pre-surgical screening, if they are returning to their group home and require a negative test result for re-entry, or Sault Tribe Health Center receives a contact tracing request from the Health Department.

Friday May 29, 2020, the Sault Tribe Health Center will begin Phase 1 of our Restoration of Services.


All appointments during Phase 1 will be scheduled and can be made by calling the specific department:


Lab: 906-632-5230

Radiology: 906-632-5237

Community Health: 906-632-5210

Behavioral Health: 906-632-5268

Traditional Medicine: 906-632-0236

Optical: 906-632-5218

Medical/Walk-in Clinic: 906-632-5230


To ensure the health and safety of patients and team members, we will continue to adhere to CDC guidelines, which include, patient screening at the entrance of the Health Center, social distancing, and the wearing of a mask while in the facility.


We ask for your continued patience as we resume services beginning with those patients that were cancelled in March.


During the COVID-19 pandemic and as always the Sault Tribe Health Center is committed to giving you our very best.




In order to protect our Patients, Staff, Visitors and local community during the COVID-19 pandemic, effective 09:00 AM on Monday, March 16, we are limiting access to Tribal Health Centers.

  • Visitors who are not seeking health care services and are not conducting approved business with Tribal Health Centers are prohibited from entering Tribal Health Centers.
  • Pediatric Patients may be accompanied by one birth parent and one significant other.
  • Prisoners may be accompanied by one Prison’s guard / Police officer.
  • Mental Health Patients may be accompanied by one relative / friend / partner.
  • We will perform health evaluation of all visitors. Those who will not meet evaluation criteria may not be allowed to enter Tribal Health Center.

These restrictions will be re-evaluated on regular basis and are subject to change. We do apologize beforehand for inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.

If you believe that you may have SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19

BEFORE YOU ENTER TRIBAL HEALTH CENTER please, call the SAULT TRIBE Health Division's hotline


(906) 632-5200
For 24/7 hotline in Michigan

please call (888) 535-6136

Click here to download Flyer

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