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Health Care Services

Below you will find all of our Sault Tribe Healthcare Services.

Acupuncture – Details

We offer ear acupuncture that has proven helpful for Chronic pain and Smoking cessation. Ear acupuncture can be done during routine office visits with Dr. Styer at the Sault Tribal Health Clinic in the Soo. Dr. Styer uses an ear stimulator and not needles when providing this service.

Audiology – Details

Our Audiology Services include diagnostic hearing evaluations (ages 4 and up), hearing aid consultations, hearing aid fittings and repairs.

Behavioral Health – Details

The Sault Tribe Behavioral Health Program offers a variety of culturally sensitive outpatient services, including but not limited to: Intake and Assessment; Individual, Couples, Family, and Group Therapy; Psychological Evaluations; Psychiatric Evaluation and Follow-up Care; Crisis Intervention/Urgent Care; Enhanced Outpatient for Substance Use Disorders; Compulsive Gambling Counseling; Auricular Acupuncture; Continuing Care Counseling; Alcohol/Drug Education and Awareness; and Home-Based Parenting Education.

Clinical Nursing – Details

Registered nurses work at all of our Tribal Clinics to help care for patients presenting to the clinic for a medical appointment. In addition, the registered nurse staff a ‘nurse only’ schedule to provide on-going care to meet some of the patient needs.

Community Health Nursing – Details

Community Health Nursing is a blend of primary health care and nursing practice with public health nursing. The community health nurse conducts a continuing and comprehensive practice that is preventive, curative, and rehabilitative. The philosophy of care is that care directed to individuals, families, and groups contributes to the health care of the whole population. The community health nurse is not restricted to the care of a particular age or diagnostic group. Participation of all consumers of health care is encouraged in the development of community activities that contribute to the promotion of, education about, and maintenance of good health. These activities require comprehensive health programs that pay special attention to social and ecological influences and specific populations at risk.

Dental Services – Details

Dental Services available at the Sault Tribe dental clinics: Exams, X-rays, cleanings, fillings, root canal therapy, crowns, extractions, dentures, and many other services are skillfully provided. Your first visit will include the necessary x-rays and a thorough exam. Other treatment will be provided at additional appointments. We will provide as much treatment as possible at each appointment and will try to coordinate appointments in other areas of the clinics to the best of our ability (medical, optical, etc.)

Diabetes Program – Details

The Sault Tribe Diabetes and Nutrition Programs offer various services to help you deal with diabetes. The Tribe’s diabetes educators (nurses and dietitians) help you learn how to take care of yourself , guiding you through treatment and helping with any fears, issues, and problems along the way.

Fitness Center – Details

The Sault Tribal Health Program promotes an active, healthy lifestyle and believes regular exercise is essential to good health. The Big Bear Fitness Center is located on the second floor between the two ice arenas and is surrounded by a 0.1 mile walking track. The indoor track surrounds the fitness center and is available for use during Big Bear hours of operation.

General Medicine – Details

The Sault Tribe Health Division offers outpatient medical appointments for newborns through the elderly. We have family physicians, pediatricians and nurse practitioners. We care for acute needs, chronic medical conditions, and health promotion/disease prevention appointments. Some of our providers specialize in women's health, others in pediatrics. We offer many procedures such as wart treatments, simple skin excisions, toenail removal, colposcopy, IUD, endometrial biopsy, and LEEP. There are nurse-only appointments available for blood pressure checks, allergy injections, immunizations, injectable birth control, wound care, and ABI. OMT services are offered once a month.

Health Education – Details

Located in the Sault Tribe’s Community Health Department, Sault Tribe’s Health Education Services develop and implement effective health promotion and chronic disease prevention programs in order to increase the health of individuals, families, and communities across the Sault Tribe seven county service area. Health education staff focus on promoting, maintaining, and restoring the health of our community members.

Immunizations – Details

Childhood and adult immunizations are available thru the Tribal Clinics and Community Health Immunization Clinics. The Health Program promotes immunizations as one of the most effective methods to prevent disease and illness in our Tribal populations

Laboratory – Details

At Sault Tribal Health Laboratory, we utilize state-of-the –art instrumentation and equipment to provide quality, consistent and accurate laboratory results to your physician. Our comprehensive range of testing includes Hematology, Chemistry, Coagulation, Urinalysis, Serology and Microbiology. Most of your laboratory testing will be performed right here in the Sault with same day turnaround time on most tests. However, we also have a partnership with UP Health System in Marquette which provides you with more complex molecular testing, Cytology and Pathology.

Medical Case Management – Details

The medical social work in case management program provides a variety of services: Brief short-term mental health therapy (up to 5 sessions.), Assisting clients procuring and obtaining services from various agencies, Helping patient's apply for Social Security disability benefits, Applying for MIBRIDGES benefits, Enrolling for healthcare coverage through the...

Nutrition Services – Details

Together with a Registered Dietitian you will set nutrition goals to improve your health. Medical nutrition therapy by a registered dietitian includes: a review of what you eat and your eating habits, thorough review of your nutritional health and a personalized nutrition treatment plan.

Optical – Details

The Optical Department offers comprehensive Eye Health examinations with an emphasis on the prevention of ocular diseases prevalent within the Sault Tribe population. We have the most current, up to date diagnostic equipment including the new OCT Cirrus. This instrument can now offer the early diagnosis and intervention of sight threatening diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Pharmacy – Details

We provide Pharmacy Services to patients of the Sault Tribe Health Division. We have three pharmacies located in the health center in Sault Ste. Marie, St. Ignace and Manistique.

Physical Therapy – Details

Physical therapy can be provided only by licensed physical therapists (PTs) or by physical therapist assistants (PTAs) working under the supervision of a physical therapist.  Many physical therapists today hold a doctoral level degree.  Occupational therapy and speech therapy are also offered at the clinic.

Radiology – Details

The medical imaging department provides diagnostic radiology, mammography and ultrasound imaging services for eligible patients. The ordering physician or practitioner provides a written request including the reason/diagnosis for the exam desired.

Smoking Cessation – Details

Every day people quit using commercial tobacco. In fact, today there are more former smokers than current smokers. If you are ready to quit, contact: The Sault Tribe Nicotine Dependence Program at (906) 632-5210. Your local Tribal Health Center. 1 (800) QUIT-NOW, a free telephone support service that provides access to several types of cessation information and services.

Traditional Medicine – Details

The Traditional Medicine Program, established in 1995, was the first tribal traditional medicine program in the United States integrated into a tribal health delivery system. It has become recognized and accepted within the tribal community and has served as a model for traditional medicine programs offered by other tribes.

Ultrasound – Details

Diagnostic ultrasound is available at the Sault Tribe Health Center (STHC) in Sault Ste. Marie on a limited schedule – between two to three days each week. The following U/S testing is available. Abdomen, Breast, Vascular studies (e.g., renal, carotids, legs but NOT cardiac), Pelvis or OB, Thyroid and Prostate or Testicles.

Wellness Programs – Details

Wellness Programs
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