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Highlights from Community Health Education August-September 2022

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Hessel Community Health Center
3355 N. 3 Mile Rd
Hessel, MI 49745
Phone: (906) 484-2727

The Hessel Community Health Center is located in the Tribal housing and reservation area and provides a variety of community health services for Tribal members and other eligible persons.  The facility has a small staff including a clerk, a Community Health Technician (CHT) and a Community Health Nurse (CHN).  Comprehensive community health services provided include:

  • patient education, health promotion and disease prevention activities
  • health screening and health fairs
  • chronic disease management including medication setup
  • case finding and referral services
  • immunization and foot care clinics
  • smoking cessation classes
  • diabetic support/wellness groups

CHT’s and CHN complete home visits and lab specimen collection for Tribal members in the surrounding area.  Medications are transported from the Tribal pharmacies to the Hessel Community Health Center when requested and are available for patients residing in the Hessel area on a daily basis during normal office hours.

The center is open Monday –Friday from 8:00 to 5:00 and closed on Holidays/weekends.

Services are provided to groups listed under the Sault Tribe Eligibility Policy which includes Sault Tribe members and families and tribal employees from newborns through the elderly who reside in and around the Hessel area.

We encourage patients to have a primary care provider who is available at the nearest clinic.  This provider can help them prevent disease, manage health problems and maintain health.  The CHN can help patients recognize health problems and assist them in obtaining needed care.  We encourage our patients who are on medications to be seen at as often as recommended by their primary care provider.  The CHT & CHN provide support for elders living at home to remain independent and assist in coordinating resources to stay at home for as long as possible.

We encourage patients to call the Hessel Community Health Center at 906-484-2727 for appointments or service requests.   The CHT & CHN can help coordinate future medical appointments at one of the four main Tribal Health Clinics.  After hours, please call your primary health clinic to obtain assistance in seeking after-hours medical care.

We invite you to watch the Sault Tribe Health Division video tour of our eight centers. Our informative video will help ou learn about the many services we provide to our members. We thank you for taking your time to tour our great facilities.

Services at Hessel Community Health Center:

Traditional Medicine
The Traditional Medicine Program, established in 1995, was the first tribal traditional medicine program in the United States integrated into a tribal health delivery system. It has become recognized and accepted within the tribal community and has served as a model for traditional medicine programs offered by other tribes.

Prevention Through Health Care
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