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Sault Tribe Health Division Extends Medical Services to New Boston Tribal Members Through Mobile Unit

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Mary McLean Receives National Indian Health Service Directors Award

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06.05.2024 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Mary McLean Receives National Indian Health Service Directors Award for Exceptional Healthcare Recruitment and Service Excellence.

In recognition of her unwavering dedication and exceptional commitment to her role as Health Recruiter at the Sault Tribe Health Division, Mary McLean has been honored with the prestigious National Indian Health Service (IHS) Directors Award for outstanding customer service. This accolade stands as a testament to Mary's tireless efforts in ensuring that every member of the tribal community across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan receives access to quality healthcare.


Mary's pivotal role involves recruiting healthcare professionals for the nine health clinics scattered throughout the region, spanning various disciplines crucial for comprehensive healthcare delivery. Her responsibilities extend far beyond mere recruitment, as she also provides invaluable support to the leadership and team members within the Health Division.


Colleagues and peers alike commend Mary for her unmatched dedication and willingness to go above and beyond in every task she undertakes. Regardless of the challenge at hand, Mary's steadfast commitment to the well-being of the tribal community shines through in her every action.


"Mary's passion for her work is evident in everything she does," remarked one colleague. "She consistently demonstrates a level of dedication and professionalism that inspires us all."


Mary's efforts have not only filled critical healthcare positions within the community but have also fostered an environment of trust and reliability within the Health Division. Her proactive approach to recruitment ensures that healthcare services remain accessible and uninterrupted, ultimately contributing to the overall health and well-being of the tribal members.


Receiving the National IHS Directors Award for customer service is a well-deserved recognition of Mary's outstanding contributions to her community and the healthcare sector at large. Her exemplary work ethic and unwavering commitment serve as an inspiration to all who have the privilege of working alongside her.


In light of this remarkable achievement, the Sault Tribe Health Division extends its warmest congratulations to Mary McLean. Her dedication, compassion, and professionalism embody the spirit of service excellence, making her a true asset to the tribe and a beacon of hope for those in need of healthcare services.

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